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BioSphere Services

BioSphere Services

We work directly with our clients to understand their needs and design the right system to address their specific problems or objectives. We specialize in alternative systems that save space, save water, and are better for the environment.

Whether a traditional or alternative system is right for you, we'll manage the entire process from start to finish by guiding your project through the design and permitting process, working closely with local regulators, and contractors. Our end product is a complete system design plan that serves several purposes. Our plans provide all the information necessary for homeowners to understand what is proposed, for regulators to permit the system, for installation contractors to bid and construct system and for service providers to maintain the system.

BioSphere has designed and implemented hundreds of residential and commercial wastewater systems. Our many happy clients will tell you that we offer top-quality service and a "program" that works.

Other services we provide:

  Soil analysis, constraint mapping, soil percolation / infiltration testing and groundwater monitoring
 Graywater irrigation
 Rainwater catchment
 Stormwater management